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Science Fair Winners Announced!

Senior Division:

Plant Sciences: 1st place Types of Light that make Plants Grow 93.3pts (Cortlan Shepherd)



1st place Rubber Band 90.6pts(Jnyiah Soraparu)

2nd place Egg in the Bottle 89.6(Carvente Favorite),

3rd place LED vs. Incan 89.3pts(Amaya Willams)



1st place Sugar Snake 88.6pts (Camryn Robinson), 

2nd place Cool Soda 86pts(Kyli Vontoure),

3rd place Can Acetone Melt Styrofoam 85pts (Jeremy Snyder)


Behavioral & Social Sciences: 

1st place How does Music Affect Memory 89.3 pts (Justine Hayes)


Biochemistry Cellular/ Molecular Biology: 1st place Pandemics 77.3pts(Jason August)


Computers Science: 1st place Encryption 73.3 pts(Madison Dinvaut)


Earth & Environmental Sciences: 

1st place Recycled Water 81.6pts (Mackenzie Richard), 

2nd place Weather Affects 71.6pts (Jason Lewis)


Junior Division


1st Place Living on Mars 96.3pts     Brylie Bernard , 

2nd place Magnetars and Black Holes 93pts    Jayden Bailey

3rd place Newton's Cradle 89 pts Anastasia Gordon  



1st Place Chemistry of Ice Cream 96.6 pts Brian Singleton 

2nd Place , How much Salt to make Egg Float 95pts Carlie Savioe 

3rd Place Battery Life 94.3pts Alton Sarrazin 


Behavioral & social Sciences:

1st Place Music Effect on Sport Performance 88.3pts Paris Isom,  

2nd place Halo Effect 73.3pts Da'Naisha Narcisse


Biochemistry Cellular/ Molecular Biology:

 1st Place Can Yeast Breathe? 100.5pts Amari Fiffe


Earth &Environmental Sciences


 1st Place Earthworms 78pts Jahavon Grows


Medicine & Health:

 1st Place Coccidioidomycosis 96pts Derion Roberson

2nd Place Bittersweet 94.6pts Jade August

3rd Place Vaping 85pts Brea Augusta


Robotics and Intelligent Machines: 


 1st Place Hydraulic Arm 101pts Jayla Ezidore


Animal Sciences: 

1st Place Dog Food Dog's Prefer 81pts Kaileen Edwards 

2nd Place Bioluminescence 78.3pts Kai Alexander

3rd Place Are Dogs Colored Blind? 78pts, Mya Rousseve


Material Science: 

 1st place Fabric Reaction to Dye 93pts Jarrien Smith 


1st Place Braided Hair 85pts Jadence Bell